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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh my Gosh! I've won a "I love your Blog Award!"

Well, as you can see I won this I love your Blog Award today! Thank you so much Debbie for giving me this award.I feel very honored Thank you for the attention to my blog!

1.) Post the award on my blog. ( woohooo, done that!)
2.)Link back to the person who gave it to me...That would be
3.) To make sure to follow the blog
if you aren't already. (Definitely a great blog!)
4.) And lastly, pick 15 other delightful bloggers and pass the award onto them.

My Pick 15
1.) Cinlynnboutuque
2.) Etsy Jodi
3.) JLynn Studios
4.) DeshawnMarie
5.) Sunny Skies Jewelry
6.) Dean Designs
7.) TJB Designs
8.) Glimmering Gems
9.) Angel Pups Creations
10.) Sale Away Cabana
11.) Demure Artistic Designs
12.) Big Girl Jewelry
13.) Debra's Designs
14.) Monika Designs
15.) BBlonski Designs

Please give me blog links and so I can post them later today..
Thank you!


PoetessWug said...

Woohoo!!! Glad you got your award!! Now everyone can come and see!!! :-)

SisterJewelry said...

Yes, thank you so much! I've got to add some links to it..

hpru said...

Hey there! Congrats!

Thought I would let you know that the link to poetess's blog is not working for me.....

lizziboo shop

hpru said...

Yay! It's working now! :)

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